Financial Planning Advice

Financial Planning Advice from the team at Lowe Lippmann Trakman Financial Planners Melbourne 3000


Our services are structured to provide clients with a tailored solution that is appropriate to a client’s needs, objectives and personal and financial position. We therefore offer full financial planning services as well as specific limited services according to your requirements. We have set out the main areas where we provide advice.
Each of our services and the approximate cost are discussed with you before you commit to using our services.

Strategic planning

A Strategic Plan is a comprehensive financial plan that takes into account all aspects of your personal and financial position and provides recommendations to help you achieve your financial, personal and retirement objectives. It will provide you with a clear understanding of where you currently are and provide a plan to get to where you want to be in the future.

It will identify whether you will be able to achieve your objectives and if not, what action you can take to help achieve these. A Strategic plan generally does not include any specific product advice.

Investment strategies

We provide specific advice on investment, saving and accumulation strategies and products to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Personal Insurances

We provide advice on the types, levels and specific products that are most appropriate to your circumstances and needs to protect your family and financial well-being in the event of death or disability.

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Superannuation is the primary and most effective structure in which to save for retirement. As we hold our own Australian Financial Services Licence we are not bound to any particular product supplier and so are able to provide specific, unbiased advice that best suit your needs and not those of the institutions.

Retirement planning

There are a myriad of strategies that can help you maximise your retirement funding through appropriate planning and structuring in the years before you retire. Our experience and rigorous ongoing training mean that we are on top of the latest strategies for maximizing retirement income.

Wealth creation and management

Wealth creation should commence at an early stage in life and we can provide strategies to help you improve your financial situation through efficient structuring and management of assets, liabilities, cashflows and taxation efficiency.

Tax-effective strategies

Tax is one area that affects all financial plans and wealth creation programs. Effective use of tax minimisation strategies can make a huge difference to your financial situation. We provide advice in this area and also apply this expertise the other areas of our services noted above.